Installation Case Studies

Flambards, Wimborne

Floor Area: 730 sqm
Heating: 2 no. ASHP Solar Thermal PV
Emitters: Underfloor

The client posed the challenge that the heating system needed to be as quiet as possible to maintain the solitude and peaceful surroundings that they were seeking in their new home. The client was also keen to minimise the visual impact of any equipment.

Powernaturally therefore decided to opt for a Daikin Low Temperature Split ASHP that could be located away from the main house, and so sited the external heat pump behind the garage block, and combined this main heating source for the house, both for its underfloor and hot water, with a solar thermal system that would be used to provide the lowest cost source of heat for the hot water supply.

A Solar PV array was also installed to help offset some of the electric demand within the property including that from the ASHP.

Powernaturally specialise in combining renewable technologies to achieve the most efficient lowest cost heating solutions.

Flambards Wimborne

Little Acorns, Windsor

Floor Area: 600 sqm
Heating: GSHP ASHP Solar Thermal Gas Boiler
Emitters: Underfloor Heating

The client was looking for a sustainable solution for this substantial property that was cost effective to run. They chose to combine a number of technologies to maximise the efficiency.

i) The GSHP is the main heat source for the house and hot water. It gains its heat from vertical ground loops cast within the piling foundation of the house. It can also work to provide passive cooling during the summer.

ii) The ASHP heats the pool and spa and when there is high demand for hot water it can be backed up by short bursts of heat from the gas boiler.

iii) The Solar Thermal system offers virtually free heating for the hot water during the summer and supplementary heating to the pool and towel rails in bathrooms.

The system incorporates a weather compensation monitoring system to ensure that the heating is managed smoothly in advance of external temperature changes and to maintain the highest possible efficiency and lowest running costs.

There is also a remote energy control module that allows the client to control and monitor the whole system remotely as well as providing remote access for PowerNaturally to inspect and manage the system.

Little Acorns renewable project

ECO Treehouses, Chewton Glen Hotel, New Forest

Floor Area: 12 suites x 70 sqm
Heating: ASHP
Emitters: Underfloor Heating

When the exclusive 5 star Chewton Glen Hotel in the heart of the New Forest decided to build some eco tree-houses in their grounds to offer guests the opportunity of living closer to nature but with luxury included, they turned to PowerNaturally.

The result for the 6 tree-house pods and 12 custom designed suites complete with whirlpool baths and power showers, was a high temperature split ASHP that allowed for the external heat pump to be situated at ground level out of sight of the guests, but via hydro-boxes installed for each suite together with an integral 200L hot water cylinder, was capable of delivering both hot water to 65°C with rapid reheat times, whilst at the same time satisfying the lower heat demand of the underfloor system at 45°C.

In keeping with the surroundings the client was also notably pleased with the quiet operation of the system in maintaining the tranquility and peace expected by their guests.

ECO Treehouses Chewton Glen Hotel

Willowhale, West Byfleet

Floor Area: 560 m²
Heating: Solar Thermal PV Gas
Emitters: Underfloor Heating

Due to the large size of this property and the high demand for hot water the client was keen to invest in a solution that was low cost and as efficient as possible. A roof mounted solar thermal system feeding to 2 no. 500L hot water cylinders supported by a PV array that provided electrical input to the immersion heater gave a solution that offered much lower costs and large amounts of heated hot water.

Both systems were mounted on a flat roof using A frame mounting kits to provide the correct elevation, but were centrally located on the roof to both avoid being seen from ground level and to minimise any impact of shading from the house or the surroundings.

To ensure that there was hot water all year round the system was also connected into the main gas boiler heating.

Willohale West Byfleet