Heat Pumps

How much of my house can a Heat Pump actually heat ?
Heat pumps come in various sizes and are typically sized to heat ALL of your house and ALL of your hot water

Do I still need other heating systems to support my heat pumps on very cold days?
No, heat pumps are designed to work with outside air temperatures as low as -20C; one of the most popular places where heat pumps are used is Norway and Sweden

How much does it cost to run a heat pump?
Heat pumps are typically cheaper to run than a gas boiler, and usually significantly cheaper than oil, LPG or Electric heating. This is because of their high efficiency of between 250% to 400%.

Will I still have plenty of hot water/power showers?
Your hot water requirements for showers or anything else will depend more on selecting the right size of hot water cylinder to ensure there is sufficient volume of water available.

Are heat pumps noisy ?
No more so than fridge. They have sound levels of typically 45dB to 55dB, which means that even a unit located under the window sill of a modern house with the window closed, is unlikely to be heard at all by the occupants.

How reliable are heat pumps ?
They are based on the same technology that runs fridges and air conditioning units which typically means you can expect them to work for 20 – 25yrs with little maintenance requirements.

What is the guarantee on heat pumps ?
Typically 3 years, but in some cases this can be 5 years with an option to extend to 7 years

Grants & Incentives

How do I get a grant or payment for using renewables?
You need to buy an MCS approved renewable product – you can a list on the MCS website, and have the product installed by an accredited MCS installer. Once completed the installer will register your installation with MCS and obtain an MCS certificate which they will pass to you. With this certificate, plus a valid EPC you can apply online for your incentive payments.